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January 28: Leadership at a Glance

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In the first week of the General Assembly, the Senate and House elected leadership and Senate President Pro Tempore Phil Berger and House Speaker Thom Tillis announced committee assignments.  As the first resource made available by the legislative program of the State Board of Education, I am sharing with you our “Leadership at a Glance” report.  This report provides information on key leadership positions and assignments to education committees.  

In this document you can get a sense of committee composition with the information provided about legislators and the counties they represent, party affiliation, terms served, prior appointment to the committee, and occupation.  I hope you will find this resource helpful as we work together with the legislature on issues vital to students and public education.  

I also am attaching the chart from the General Assembly that provides our deadlines for bill.

Next week, I will share more information on substantive bills.  The one bill filed this week of interest was Sen. Stevens' bill to remove the charter school cap (S8).  Although it is a very brief bill, we fully anticipate working with him in collaboration with other groups to address critical issues and to relay your position.

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