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Public School Legislation

Last modified Oct 24, 2013 05:48 PM

Rachel E. Beaulieu, Legislative and Community Relations Director

Office of the State Superintendent

State Superintendent’s Goals and Recommendations


  • 100 percent high school graduation rate.
  • 125,000 Industry-Based Credentials earned by students while in high school.
  • 90 percent of Graduates remediation-free upon entry into community colleges or universities.
  • North Carolina as an International Leader in Reading and Mathematics Achievement.


Major Recommendations

  • Restore $376,124,279 LEA Adjustment/Discretionary Reduction.*
  • Expand opportunities for all students and educators to access digital learning devices and resources.*
  • Expand learning opportunities before and after school and outside of the traditional school year.*
  • Give the Department of Public Instruction the responsibility for early childhood education; expand early childhood education opportunities to all children living in poverty.*
  • Increase educator salaries by 5 percent.*
  • Streamline legislation requiring unnecessary work for local school districts.

* Please see budget requests for additional details on each of these items.

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